About Wandering Wolf

Hey y’all! Welcome to Wandering Wolf! I am so happy to get the opportunity to create some jewelry for you!

To start off, my name is Greta and I grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois. I am typically located in Oklahoma with my two pups, Pistol & Loba, but we are currently living the gypsy lifestyle!

I started this business while I was going through a mini rough patch in my life. I was needing something to A. Keep my hands busy and B. Let my creative side come out to play and ta-da WWC was born!

I can’t take all the credit either! I’ve had support from the amazing people in my life from helping me name the business and creating the logo, to giving me some inspiration on what to bring to the table! (Thank you and I love y’all!)

I hope y’all enjoy all the items I have to offer you!


The Wandering Wolf